Patriotic Rally

Patriotic Rally

Together We Can Make A Difference

Join us Saturday, March 19th at 2:00 pm for our Patriotic Rally as we join thousands across the country who are willing to stand up for America.

As sin abounds and tries to take down Christians and Americas, we are rallying together to remember our history and resound the piercing words of our founding fathers and the life giving Words of our heavenly Father. Biblical soundness will echo through our nation once again as we join together in unity for this great nation. America needs to return to her roots and return to the righteousness we were founded on.

Guest speakers include:

• Joe Cantafio
• Colonel Kevin Wiley
• Denise Cattoni
• Captain Kevin York USMC

With special excerpts read from our nations history, the constitution, the bill of rights, and sermons of old.

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