Reaching the Heart of India

Rev. Yesu Bandela was the first missionary we began to support over 20 years ago! He has an amazing testimony of how God saved his life and He is now spreading the good news of Gospel and winning India for Jesus.

The Gospel Association of India was founded by by Rev. Rajaratnam Bandela the father of Rev. Yesu Bandela. In 1967 as Rev. Rajaratnam was busy doing the work of the Lord he fell prey to the fury of a religious fanatic and was martyred. The dying words of his father Rev. Rajaratnam became the clarion call when he took his son to himself and said to young Yesu, ‘Son forgive the murderer take over the Lord’s ministry of GAI’.

Yesu has picked up the ministry his father left him and serves the Lord with passion. GAI has grown to be a significant mission outreach to all of India, and a local ministry with more than 167 pastors in 200 churches and with an outreach network in 450 villages and towns.

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