World Outreach

Taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Every Nation

We are active in world missions- not only financially supporting missionaries, but by going to encourage, strengthen and build churches around the world! We have a heart to see that every man, woman and child hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. We support local missionaries so that they can build more churches and reach more people. Who else has a heart to reach their nation than someone who is from there

Countries We’re Reaching


The churches in Belarus are under great persecution. Many times the government has sent to have the church destroyed but every time the believers stood strong and God gave them victory! Pastor Slava Goncharenko is doing a great work in Belarus and seeing many people give their lives to Jesus. We continue to support them financially and in prayer as they make a stand for Jesus.


We support multiple churches across Latvia. We began with Riga and Pastor Vilnis Gleske and have watched one church turn to two churches and two churches turn into three..and have now grown to several! God is moving in a mighty way in Latvia among people of all ages. We continue to support these churches financially and in prayer and take teams on missions trips to encourage and build the body there.


With such a strong anti-Christ history, there is a great need for the Word of God and the saving message of Jesus to be spread in Germany. Our friends there are standing firm and reaping the harvest. Pastor Ingolf Schmidt, author of “Faith behind the Iron Curtain”, has such a great testimony about his experiences pastoring an underground church during the East German Communist rule. The government tried many times to stop the church, but have not been able to because of God’s protection.


Mexico is under great persecution. Unsafe for many to travel there, but God is still moving and people are still giving their lives to Him! We support the churches there through prayer and still sending teams as we can to encourage the pastors, and God’s people to never give up! The harvest is great and God will make a way.


We have been supporting Nigeria for over 15 years! Bishop NE Moses of Lagos has a handful of strong and powerful churches in Logos and more in the surrounding areas. They are busy building the kingdom of God and sharing the good news of Jesus!


Revival is sweeping through Siberia! Daily people are giving their lives to Jesus! One of the great end times harvest and it could be the last one for Siberia as we get closer and closer to Jesus return. We support financial, through prayer, and are active in missions. The good news is being preached to some of the most remote parts and God is being glorified!


India became the first missions Faith World Outreach supported. Rev. Yesu Bandela hosts crusades where thousands of people accept Christ into their hearts for the first time! We have been standing in prayer and sowing financially to the ministry work there and have seen God move in so many ways.

Support World Missions

Our missions program has been going strong for over 20 years. If you want to be part of this global ministry and support churches around the world, start today with a monthly support. Your gift will go towards starting a church, supporting a pastor, getting much-needed supplies to a community, training believers overseas, and so much more. We appreciate your generosity.

Country Support

Country Support