Next Generation (Nursery)

Gentle Care & a Spiritual Atmosphere

We care greatly for your baby and we know how precious they are to you. Our team approaches each service with careful spiritual preparation because we treat our church nursery as a ministry for your babies. Each team member is fully trained in childcare, properly handling…. We pray over each baby that passes through our nursery and believe that the peace of God will cover them and affect their young lives in an awesome way.

There are learning toys for children as they grow and prepare to graduate to Faith Kids, our Children’s Church.

Because We Care

We offer nursery for each service because we want you to be able to thoroughly enjoy the Word of God coming forth at any time. Knowing your baby is in great care allows you to have peace of mind that your baby is being cared for by spiritual leaders, who have been trained and love your child as you would, you will be able to sit back and let God minister to you as we minister to your baby.

Parents can come pick up their child at any time during the service. And if your attention is needed, we have an easy number paging system that will discreetly alert you in service. So you can get engrossed in the sermon without concern that you’re needed until your number is called. It’s that simple.

Availability: Next Generation Nursery is available every service for ages 0-2 years old.