Live Your Best Life

Getting plugged into a good church will revitalize your life in every area. Your spirituality impacts every area of your life because it is the place where God starts to work on your for supernatural blessings.

You will find a new purpose as you dig into God and connect with your local church.

Your First Step

Getting connected is easy. here, we’ve outlined the steps you will take in order to connect, grow, and thrive as part of a local church community. We’re excited to welcome new people & families into the church. We want you to feel welcome.


The first step to joining the church is to simply show up. Your regular attendance is a sign to everyone, and proof to yourself, that you are here to learn more and enjoy the company of your fellow church family. Regular attendance of 90-days will demonstrate your commitment to the church, ensure you have a level of understand of our doctrine, and allow time for you and others to get to know each other.

Relationship Development

Once you have began to attend regularly you will have developed relationships with the church family and it is time that you begin to find your place here. Following examples from the bible, we work together towards a common goal to grow in Christ Jesus and reach our surrounding communities. As such, together we make the local church operate so the next person can come to an environment where they can be changed as we once did.

A Desire for More

Finding your place is simple as there are many areas of involvement you can participate in. As the Lord leads your heart you will be drawn to a particular ministry to help with. One of our leadership staff will help get you signed up to Connections and we will help you grow and flourish as you start to become part of the ministry work.

Connections Class

Our Connections class is our Worker’s School. You will get an in-depth look at how we operate and understand the fundamentals of what we believe. Here, you will get a foundational approach to the expectations of all those who desire to work within the church. Once you have completed the series of classes you will be able to start working in the church as part of a team.