Third Year Curriculum

Principles of Sucess

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The desire to succeed in found in the heart of every person. We all pursue it yet so many fail. Why? It is because the principles that are put into action are unfounded and erroneous; or often no principles are even used and some go through life blinded. God has called His people to a higher standard, a more excellent way of living. With the right principles you can continue to move forward through every stage of life. Principles that come from God’s Word never fade, they are timeless, proven, and unshakable.

Third Year School of Ministry will equip you for the practical aspect of life. How should the believer behave? Does working in the ministry make a difference in how you function in your marriage, language, and behavior? Plus, how can I succeed in life and in the ministry? These questions and more will be address in Third Year Faith School of Ministry.

Curriculum Overview

FR102Salvation3 SCHTo introduce students to God?s plan for salvation, and how will teach students to lead others to Christ.
FR104Water Baptism3 SCHIn this course, students will discover what water baptism is, and how water baptism will help them understand the spiritual truths being proclaimed.
FR106Baptism of the Holy Spirit3 SCHIn this course, each student will learn which scriptures teach about the Holy Spirit. Special emphasis will be given to the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and the implication for living the Christian life.
FR108Deliverance3 SCHThis course will teach students about being delivered from strongholds. At the end of this course, students can apply the teaching to their lives and be set free.
FR110Bible Study3 SCHThis course will help students go deeper in their bible studies. By the end of the class, the Bible will come alive as it will equip them with a desire to understand the Word of God.
FR112Prayer & Fasting3 SCHThis course will help students develop a life of prayer and fasting, and will equip them to assist others in their spiritual development.
FR114Righteousness3 SCHThis course will help students understand what righteousness is, and the requirements of how God treats you whether you are righteous or not.
FR116Holiness3 SCHThis course was design to teach students the aspect of holiness, and how it is still possible to be set apart from the word in the day we are living in.
FR118Witnessing3 SCHSpecial emphasis will be placed on soul winning and how to practically accomplish this goal.
FR120Serving3 SCHThis course was design to show the significance of serving in your local church. Emphasis will be placed on the benefits of serving, and what the Bible teaches Christians about serving.
FR122Tithing & Giving3 SCHThis class will show how tithing and giving with the correct attitude can open your Spirit to the blessing of God.
FR124Worship3 SCHThis class will expose students to the fundamental of worship. This class will highlight benefits of regular personal worship time.
FR126The Kingdom3 SCHThis course is a study of essential principles and kingdom values that will shape the student?s character and release maximum ministry potential.
FR128Authority & Submission3 SCHThis course was designed to help students understand submission to spiritual authority, and why we need to submit.
FR130Christlikeness3 SCHThis course is designed to observe the life of Christ, and teach students how to apply His example to our lives.
FR132Commitment3 SCHThis course is designed to show students what and whom we should be committed to.
FR134Prayer & Fasting3 SCHThis course will explain the different types of prayer, and how pray can work in the believer?s life.
FR136Discernment3 SCH This class will assist students exercise discernment in every area of their lives.
FR138Priorities3 SCHThis course is designed to help the student set the proper priorities and where it should be in your Christian life.
FR140Discipling3 SCHThis course will help students become like Christ in heart and in lifestyle, and they will have the ability to help others become like Jesus.
FR142Holy Spirit: God's Voice & Anointing3 SCHYou will learn to walk by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. This course will stress the need for obedience to God.
FR144Entering the Kingdom3 SCHThe course represents the study of The Kingdom of God and will include the valuable principles of His Kingdom.
FR146Miracles3 SCHThis course will showcase the many miracles that Jesus did in His ministry.
FR148Faith3 SCHThis course will apply the biblical functional truths upon which the tenets of our faith are established.
FR 150Spiritual Warfare3 SCHThis course is designed to help the students exercise the weapons of warfare. Students will be equipped and will be encouraged to win the spiritual battle.
FR152Spiritual Gifts3 SCHThis course will help students determine what their spiritual gift is and how to nurture their gift from God.
FR154Unity3 SCHThis course will assist in understanding the ministry more thoroughly by working in unity.

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