Faith School of Ministry

Faith School of Ministry

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

An accredited, dynamic four-year program, designed to teach the foundations of faith and doctrine and prepare you for the work of Christ at home and abroad.

For over a decade, Faith School of Ministry has been impacting the lives of people around the world. This powerful 4 year program is designed to equip you to properly handle the Word of Truth in today's society. Your life will truly be changed and spiritually charged as you approach life with a fresh, biblical perspective.

You will discover God's plan for your life.
- Pastor Weiss

You will begin to see the world as God does as you proceed through the curriculum, understand the heart and purposes of Jesus Christ, and get a full view of God's plan.

Our classroom style setting will enrich you as you learn together, study together, and grow in new relationships and in God. Each year is carefully and prayerfully designed to extract and expose God's best within you and to shape you into the person that Jesus Christ desires us to be. Check out the outline for each year and discover what's waiting for you.

First Year | Foundational Truths. From day one you're going to feel the change. As first year kicks off you will be completely immersed in the bible throughout the year, lesson after lesson, as you complete the courses. From cover to cover you will acquire thorough knowledge of the bible, it's layout & design, the messages contained within, and learn the foundational elements of Christianity; straight from scripture. See for yourself why so many believe the first year of bible college reshapes their lives and lays a rock solid foundation for their life.

Second Year | Church Practicalities. Discover the simplicity & beauty of a properly functioning church body. You will learn about running meetings and outreaches to the heart of the mission and the character of a team member. There's always more going on than you realize. Second year will bring those elements to the surface as you put year one to work beyond yourself.
This year of bible school brings graduates a two-year degree in Christian Ministry. The accomplishment is great, the sense of pride is priceless. Let God take you to new places in life when you dig in to this powerful second year program.

Third Year | Principles of Success. What does it take to succeed in life? Life can be tricky sometimes but when you learn biblical principles that you can shape your values with, everything seems to work better. You will get a well rounded perspective of what the bible teaches us about living a principled life and the areas that are most important. As you are shaped and changed, through the application of your studies, you will begin to live your life in a way that can be modeled after. These are lessons you can truly see and feel.

Fourth Year | Ministerial Practicalities. This year will launch you to new heights as you go more in-depth in theology, eschatology, angelology, and get your hands deeper into the Word. Your hermeneutical base will begin to form and your desire for the things of God will grow in new, unexpected ways. As a senior in fourth year bible college your humility and reverence for God will grow and your walk will get closer. Demand more of yourself as a Christian to fulfill your call, fourth year will push you to where you want to go.

This year of bible school brings graduates a four-year degree in Christian Ministry. New doors will open, God will bring opportunity, and you will start making a greater impact for the kingdom of God.

Faith School of Ministry is proudly accredited by Transworld.