Second Year Curriculum

Second Year Curriculum

Second Year | Church Practicalities UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL

Second Year | Church Practicalities


Go beyond the basics. The purpose of the first year curriculum was to get you rooted in the foundation of the Word, prayer, and the reality of God - His presence, plan, and purpose. In Second Year School of Ministry we start to build upon those foundations. This year's goal is for you to understand the church, it's function, organization, power, and how each individual fits into it. You will learn some of Church history, as well as personal keys in counseling and recognition of end times.

You will learn the practical principles from the bible on topics that will cause you to fit in better to your church and in the body of Christ. There is an awesome beauty that occurs when the church functions in unity. Second year will bring those elements to the surface as you put year one to work beyond yourself.

Second Year will place greater responsibility on you for research and understanding of the Word in all assignments. Your spiritual life is guaranteed to flourish from day one. Second year graduates will receive a two-year certificate in Christian Ministry.

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