First Year Curriculum

First Year Curriculum

Undergraduate Level

First Year | Foundational Truths

When desire to be filled with the Word, the Spirit, and the Life of God consumes you-you have to dig deep and embark on a journey that is life-alteringg. Welcome to First Year Faith School of Ministry. This powerful curriculum is designed to move you forward in the Kingdom of God by building a stronger relationship with God and His Word. Inspired by the Holy Spirit you will be challenged to focus on God like never before in your life.

First Year School of Ministry is all about laying a solid foundation of faith, biblical knowledge, and Kingdom truths. You will cover the entire bible, front to back, as you study every topic from Salvation to Discernment to Spiritual Warfare. You will develop a working knowledge of what God has planned from the beginning of time as to become a master workman of the Word of God, able to accurately handle all that comes your way with a sound biblical doctrine.

First-year graduates will receive a diploma in Christian Ministry and may be commissioned to work as counselors, missionaries, inner-church ministry assistants, or the like. Whatever your goal, this program will fortify your walk with Jesus Christ.

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Curriculum Overview

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Faith School of Ministry is proudly accredited by Transworld.