Annual Live Nativity

For over a decade we have performed the largest live nativity in the Chicago area. We feature a drive-thru style nativity with live track for each scene. As you venture through our live nativity you get enthralled by the narrative surrounding each scene. We also feature a Manger Scene right on Route 59. Live actors portray the scene where Mary & Joseph were in the manger with the new born King, Jesus. The three wise-men and other will join them for the duration of the nativity.

Come by with your family and create wonderful memories and powerful visuals that can be built upon for years to come.

Every year thousands of people drive to experience our Annual Live Christmas Nativity, and for a good reason, we’ve are ranked as one of the top 5 places to be in Chicago for the holidays. This is one of the best ways to experience the story of Christ & learn all about the real story of Christmas. We’re sure you and your family will enjoy it year after year.