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The Evolved Christian

Ever wonder if there is more to life than what you are living? The answer is a resounding “YES”! In this book, Pastor Ed Weiss explores what it means to be a fully evolved Christian and encourages you to grab hold of everything that Christ has for you. A message sure to encourage every believer!

I very much enjoyed reading the book, The Evolved Christian, by Pastor Ed Weiss. It is obvious that Ed has successfully pastored God’s people. His true heart is exposed on these pages – he loves transforming converts into fishers of men. The Evolved Christian is about the conversion and discipleship and spiritual growth that is supposed to be taking place in our lives. I highly recommend this book to every believer everywhere. It would be a great book for pastors to use to teach those who are young in the Lord how to study. I know the author well, and I’m very proud of his work and his lifestyle.

-Dr. Mark T. Barclay


The people of Faith World Outreach Church are very blessed to sit under the leadership of Pastor Ed Weiss! The Evolved Christian is a book that will encourage many believers to do more for the Lord, and show how to grow as a Christian! Something that every believer needs to know. Pastor Ed Weiss is a great man of God, who has a heart for people and a desire to help people find their calling in the Lord!

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