Lessons from Jericho and Daniel’s Den

Rev. Josh Weiss delivers an impactful sermon on the importance of sanctifying oneself for God’s use and the significance of commitment and obedience. He shares personal experiences of overcoming past habits and emphasizes the power of fasting in breaking bonds and achieving deliverance. Drawing from biblical stories of Joshua and Daniel, Rev. Josh illustrates the rewards of remaining steadfast in faith, obedience, and unity. Join us as we delve into the transformative power of faith, fasting, and unwavering commitment to God’s word.

Sanctification through Letting Go and Fasting

The sermon passionately emphasized the vital importance of letting go of certain habits and succumbing to a fasted lifestyle in order to sanctify ourselves for God’s purpose. Rev. Josh articulated how living a fasted lifestyle serves as a powerful mechanism for breaking bonds and achieving deliverance, allowing individuals to disentangle themselves from the distractions of the world and align their spirits with the divine will.

First Year Offering: A Symbolic Act of Commitment and Faith

It can be significant to bring the Lord a first year offering. This is something that we have been doing as a church for many year. This symbolic act not only signifies a tangible display of commitment to the new year, but also stands as a palpable declaration of unwavering faith in God’s unyielding guidance and provision. We believe that it helps set the course for the year in the same way that we believe fasting in January is key to getting your year started right.

Steadfast Obedience in the Face of Adversity

There is a profound significance of remaining steadfast and obedient, particularly when confronted with challenges. Drawing from biblical references such as Matthew 11:29, Isaiah, and Joshua 6, we see the inevitable repercussions of succumbing to discouragement, using powerful parallels from the accounts of Jericho and Daniel’s remarkable resilience in the lions’ den to emphasize the transformative impact of unwavering faith and wholehearted obedience.

Embracing Freedom: Nurturing an Ear for God’s Voice

Another poignant focus of the sermon centered around the concept of freedom. Rev. Josh artfully elucidated the internal struggles we grapple with and underscored the critical necessity of attuning ourselves to God’s voice and devoutly adhering to His commands. By embracing the liberation offered by God, individuals can liberate themselves from the confinements of worldly ideologies and embark on a profound journey guided by divine purpose.

Tangible Applications of Fasting

There are many practical applications of fasting to consider, embracing self-restraint from a multifaceted spectrum of life elements, including food, social media, television, technology, shopping, and even habitual consumptions such as coffee. This intentional act of self-denial serves as a potent catalyst for spiritual growth and renewal, fostering a deeper communion with God.

As children of God, we need to embrace obedience, unwavering faith, and the practice of fasting. It stands as an impassioned call to action, compelling us to scrutinize our lifestyles, kindle unyielding faith, and seek spiritual enrichment through surrendering to God’s will. If you find yourself in the vicinity of Bartlett, IL, I wholeheartedly encourage you to partake in the wisdom and inspiration firsthand by visiting the Bartlett Church.