Our Journey of Faith

The Beginning

Pastor Ed and Debby Weiss met while Debby was attending Concordia Teachers College. It wasn’t long after and they were married.  Both of them got born again on the same day, exactly 5 years apart.  Both had an amazing born-again experience and God placed a great desire in their heart to serve Him. As they sought out the Lord they started attending Addison Bible Church. Within a few years the Pastor of the church felt led to pray over them and send them out into the ministry on their own. This was indeed a divine direction from the Lord. In 1991 they attended a Holy Spirit Conference in Midland, MI. This was another divine appointment from God and they quickly realized that God placed them together with Dr. Mark T. Barclay. Soon after, the Pastor of Addison Bible Church released them to Dr. Barclay where they have remained submitted for over 20 years.  One night during a family Bible study in their house, there was a knock on the door with multiple people just wanting to hear Pastor talk to about the Bible. The next night, double the amount of people pulled into their driveway desperate to hear the Word of God. As this continued God used Ed and Debby to change people’s lives by turning them to Jesus and showing them the path to Life. Many of these people eventually became discipled long-term and went on to continue in ministry. Through the continuation of the home bible study their numbers increased, until in 1985 Ed and Debby Weiss launched their church, Good News Bible Fellowship. This was the start of their miraculous and powerful Pastoralship. Then in 1987 God directed them to change the name to Faith World Outreach Church, and instilled in them a global vision. Under the direction of the Lord they bought a plot of land in the middle of fields in Bartlett, IL, off of Route 59 where they are to this day. God put it in their heart to build a brand new church on this land 100% debt free. They were up to the challenge and knew that God would make it happen.

The Prayer Chapel

The Prayer Chapel was the first building that went up as we started the new building project in Bartlett. We built it as a place for the people who go to church to be able to get away to a quiet place to pray, hear God’s voice, and read the Bible.  Over the years people have used the prayer chapel for just that. From prayer meetings to a place of seclusion for those seeking the Lord, God has been faithful in showing up, adjusting hearts, giving direction, and drawing people to him. It is available to this day for any of the church family to use.

A Church on Fire

As the construction of the new church progressed we were very getting excited to see things take shape. Then in 1993 a small fire broke out in the church. In a matter of hours the entire church burnt down. Despite this tragedy, we determined that God would prevail and stood in faith. The faith of these mighty church members bonded together and we began yet again to remove the fire damage and start the construction over again. In just 9 short months we rebuilt the church to completion, 100% debt free.  All to the glory of God.

Continuing in the Faith

Through dedication, submission and honor for our Pastor and a love for God, the church has gotten stronger and stronger, and we’ve seen miraculous power continually in our weekly services. We have gained a reputation as a place of miracles. Because of our faithful church family, we’re able to reach more people through our missions programs, throughout the world and the Chicago area, than ever before.  Pastor Ed Weiss has been Pastoring since the beginning, leading, guiding and counseling people from every walk of life. He has been an example of how to be led and submitted by demonstration in his relationship with to his own Pastor, Dr. Mark. T. Barclay.  We are grateful for his sensitivity to listen to and obey the call of the Holy Spirit in his life, to start a church, and become our Pastor.

Our Invitation

Are you searching for answers? Searching for God? If you want a strong local church to call home, a place of peace, stability, and hope; that place is Faith World Outreach Church. For almost 20 years we’ve been called a safe haven for families across Chicago. We believe that you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus and that God has a purpose for your life. We welcome you with the love of Christ and open arms. We believe that God is sending people like you through our doors to be part of our church family. We love meeting new people and receiving new members into our house. We’d love to have someone like you become part of our family, so come as you are and be part of what we’re doing. As a church, we are committed to helping you become the person that God and intended for you to be. We are committed to preaching the uncompromised Word of God. It is our desire that people come to place their trust in Christ to forgive them and lead them, and that they grow in their relationship with Him. We feel God is doing extraordinary things among extraordinary people and would love to see you be a part. Come join us in a live service, see us in action, and feel the presence of the Lord touch your heart. There’s no experience on earth like it. To learn more information about our live services, check out our First Time section. Then come out. We’ll see you soon.
Faith World Outreach Church