First Time Here

Welcome Home to Our Church Family

We are so very blessed by your decision to visit Faith World Outreach Church. The Lord has shown His reality, and we would like to take this opportunity to share some of these revelations with you. Below we have covered important areas of our services things you may not be familiar with, and we have put a brief explanation to get you comfortable. We encourage you to ask questions on your visit and get to know our Friendship Team before or after the service. We believe that you will receive everything God has in store for you today as we experience the life-changing power of God together!

Pastor Debby Weiss

What We Believe

What to Expect

The first thing you’ll notice is that the love of Christ pours forth from our church family. A friendship team member will promptly greet you, answer any questions you may have, and help you find a comfortable place to sit during the service.

Our praise and worship team starts the service by ushering in the Holy Spirit with anointed praise. We may sing the latest contemporary worship song or your favorite hymn, there’s something for everybody’s style. But either way God has anointed it all.

Each week Pastor Weiss brings a powerful, timely message to the church family. Dealing with issues from marriage and family to jobs and success, She is anointed to breakdown the scriptures so everybody can understand and how we can apply what God said, to our everyday life. Pastor Weiss has hundreds of testimonies of God moving in church, overseas, and even at the grocery store. You will feel the God-ordained dynamic he has with the church family and feel God’s burden lifting anointing as you sit and listen.

After service you’re welcome to join us in our cafe for a free Latte, mingle with the church family, and get a feel for what we’re like. If you’re not comfortable with this type of thing, the friendship team member you met when you arrived will be right there to introduce you and help you navigate through.

During the Service

A service at Faith World Outreach Church may very well change your life forever. Our church family comes expecting to have an encounter with God, and He certainly is faithful. During our services you will see some of the following things happen. Keep in mind that we operate much like the church in the book of Acts, we allow the Holy Spirit to move freely among us. This attitude has been a segue to many miracles and healings in our services every week. We’ve included accompanying verses for you to read.

When People Get Prayed for and Fall Down

II Chronicles 5:14, Acts 9:4, Matthew 28:4, Revelation 1:17, John 18:6, Acts 22:7

Slain in the Spirit

Often times during the course of a service, individuals fall under the overwhelming power of the presence of the Holy Spirit. This Spirit uses this occasion to minister intimately with that individual.

When People Lift Their Hands During Praise & Worship

Psalms 63:4, Lamentations 2:19, Psalms 134:2, I Timothy 2:8

Lifting Up Holy Hands

The scriptures instruct us to lift up Holy hands in praise, worship, and prayer. The symbolism of this gesture shows an honor and a reverence to the Lord, as well as a willingness to receive with open arms whatever the Holy Spirit may have in store.

When Someone Prays for You by Putting Hands on Your Head

Mark 16:18, James 5:14, Acts 28:8, Acts 9:17, Mark 6:13

Laying on Hands & Anointing Oil

Often times the gesture of laying on of hands is needed as this actually enables a transfer of the anointing, as does the application of oil. This has been used throughout the scriptures.

When People Talk in Other Languages

Acts 2:4, Acts 10:46, Acts 19:6, I Corinthians 12:10

Speaking in Tongues

The scriptures entreat us to not forbid speaking in tongues, as this is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit working in and through someone. Tongues is a heavenly language given by God for the building up of the believer in the area of faith as well as a sign to the non-believer.

Children's Ministry

It’s a relief to know that your kids are being cared for by people who have been approved and anointed. During the service, we offer classes for Newborn-8yrs.

Next Generation is our nursery program, we take ministry to babies to heart. We ensure you the highest quality care for your child while you’re in the service. And you can take peace in knowing that if you’re needed, we’ll notify you.

Discovery Zone is our in-service program for children 4yrs.-8yrs. of age. We’ve designed the curriculum specifically for children in this age range. Through object lessons, crafts, and creative storytelling, we bring the Word of God to life in your child’s life.

Bookstore & Resources

The BookStore is open following each service. You can purchase Bibles, biblical topic books, study materials, breath mints, and even handmade jewelry. We offer a discount on all product for our church family, in comparison to retail prices. We also have audio available from select authors.

If you would like to purchase today’s service, the bookstore is where you can do that. If you’re visiting, we can mail it to you, or you may pick it up at the following Sunday morning service.

The bookstore is an excellent resource for anybody looking to increase their faith and strengthen their walk with the Lord.

Coffee House

Join us after our Sunday morning services, or before our Sunday evening services, in our cafe, Heavenly Grounds. We’re serving a jolt of delicious espresso, lattes, and mochas made to order, just how you like it. We serve a select coffee roast with gourmet flavors that is sure to hit the spot.

Our crew members are professionally trained baristas with a year of experience. Remember you can get any drink for Free on your first visit.

Start Your Journey

A relationship with Jesus starts with a simple decision. Join our new believers class and discover the potential & plan that God has destined for your life.
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