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We believe church is a place where your family can find safety, security, and stability through the Word of God. Our focus is to help each family enjoy the life that God has designed for them, at every stage of life.

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A church that believes in Jesus, loves people, and welcomes all.

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    We're glad that you're here. We look forward to connecting with you.

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    If you're ready to connect with the church, we have a path to get your started and introduce you to how we work.

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    We support family, so we are working to ensure every family member has a place to learn, every service.

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    People Like You

    Beliefs that Unite Us

    Our church culture makes us unique.  Centered around Christ, we bring an energy that excites people about the Kingdom of God and our purpose on this earth.

    We’re comprised of people just like you.

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    Sunday service is 10:30 AM  in Barlett, IL — We'd love to see you!

    Established in Biblical principles

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    We believe that the bible is truth and gives us everything that is needed to succeed in life. And we're here to help you navigate through it.

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    Learn more about our values and our story as a church by visiting our about us page.
    About Us
    • What are your gatherings like?

      When we come together as a church, we strive for a friendly & inviting atmosphere. We come casual yet bring our best to Christ without putting pressure on people. 

    • What happens when I visit?

      When you visit we’ll greet you at the door with a friendly smile and help you find a seat. You’ll make meet some folks and make a new friend or two. In our 1-hour service, you’ll experience praise & worship and hear a thought-provoking sermon. We pray that the Holy Spirit will be with you and give you understanding.

    • What should I bring?

      Bring your family, bring a friend, and bring a bible. And, bring a heart that’s seeking and open to receive from the Lord. That’s all you need.

    • How should I dress?

      We don’t have a mandatory dress code at church. We want to you to dress your best — whatever that means in your current place in life. As you develop in your relationship with the Lord your attire will change. We don’t force anything on you. Come as you are, leave changed.

    • Can I invite people to come with?

      As you grow in the Lord, it’s all of our endeavor to share the gospel and introduce people to church. If you want to bring people to church, we’re happy to welcome them as always. Everyone is welcome here to hear the purity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

    • What if we didn't answer your question?

      Many questions and unknowns exist about a new church, new people, or even a new faith. If we haven’t answered your question here, please reach out to us in the chat, on Facebook, or by email. 

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    Location & Service Times


    1280 S IL Route 59, Bartlett, IL 60185

    Service Times

    Sunday: 10:30 AM & 6:00 PM
    Thursday: 7:00 PM